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  1. - Support + Past Experience - " Has some issues with supervisors and authority " - Dishonorably discharged from pd - From the talks with him in vc i do not like what he wants to do with the server - Says I will a lot in applcation
  2. Phoenix

    Player Report

    This is you hoping i would cry lmao
  3. I can not say for certain whether rudy would or would not of made a report i did tell him i was gonna warn the guy infront of him
  4. I honestly Don't know that was very dumb on my part i should of left you guys to handle it
  5. I do deny taking my own sit part because if anyone was going to make a Sit it would be rudy because he left withuot giving rudy the money
  6. I was being very dumb on my part
  7. I was on the judge job i will admit i did warn him off duty im not gonna argue that But we were in a court case and i ruled that That Person is to owe i think rudy like 15k or something and he said "fuck the server, i aint paying" and left so i just warned him. I'll admit i should of just reported to someone on if you want to strike me strike me im not gonna deny i did it. The guy LTARP i should of let the staff members on duty handle it
  8. Phoenix

    Player Report

    Your Name: Phoenix Server: PRP Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:229719013 Player in question: Sugah Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:196278315 Specific Rule(s) Violated Constant For harassment Brief summary of what happened: He literally so toxic never knows when to stop and harrases people for the randomist shit Evidence:
  9. As of today now has 8 warns
  10. -Support For a Few Reasons 1. The Word Count for the first section is 142 which is okay-ish section 2 has 119 words which is very small 2. The Warns. You have 6 warns the a lot of warns. 3. You have been banned before
  11. Phoenix


    Wait were u the alex that got perma by david him self?
  12. Name: Phoenix Rank: Senior Mod Staff Team: yes?? Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  13. Name: Phoenix What job you want: Music Man Why you want : crab rave
  14. Phoenix

    Reporting baccon