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  1. Name: Tweatch Rank: Head-Admin Staff Team: DRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name): Cant put screen shots (Check my discord tags Tweatch#4269)
  2. Name: Tweatch Rank: Admin Staff Team: DRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name): I cannot put the screen shot on here for some reason but you can check my tags on discord (Tweatch#4269)
  3. Hey, Im glad to see you know what you did wrong and are sorry for it. You are a well known member of the server and you are very fun to RP with. I really do hope to see you on the server again soon and I think that you have learnt from your mistake and you are sorry. I will leave it upto other staff to accept or deny your appeal. + Support Best of luck - Tweatch
  4. The reason you where banned was because you killed 2 players while being a trash man, yes you did warn them to get away but they where at their base. I can see why you think this ban is false and you are fair to make an appeal. Once again I would also just like to remind you that you cannot have a base while being a trash man. At the time you where banned I tried to tell you that the situation you where in did not warrant you giving them warns to back off but you kept trying to argue, But due to the fact that that you killed 2 people without proof that they where indeed blocking the door way (which is why you said you warned them) I found it fair to call it rdm. You also killed them with some type of drill weapon. You warn adverts where also not adverted 3 seconds apart and where all done at the same time. When I questioned you about this you did not respond in chat or vc you shook your head "no". I will nor accept or deny your appeal but I will leave that choice upto another staff with no bias towards the situation and they can decide to accept or deny it with the information they given. But please feel free to correct anything if you think I got something wrong or some information I have given is incorrect. If you feel like my actions and response was bad or misleading feel free to contact me on discord (Tweatch#4269) so that I may fix anything I got wrong. I Hope to see you on the server soon! Best of luck - Tweatch
  5. Name: Tweatch Rank: Sr-Mod Staff Team: DarkRP staff team Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):