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  1. Name: Mildly W Rank: Head of Administration Staff Team: Dark RP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name): It literally won't let me post it just check discord pls
  2. -Support -150 word questions not minimum length -Low Playtime -No experience Get more time on the server and complete the 150 word questions if you would like to increase your chances of being accepted
  3. Name: MildlyW Rank: Senior-Moderator Staff Team: Dark RP
  4. MILDLYW ッ


    Hey thank you for making a ban appeal. Here was the situation as I remember it. I was taking a sit inside someone’s base for OneWays. Both players were in the sit for a good one minute, there was no hostile action occurring both players were just standing near each other and the sit had not ended. Then he just shot the other person while I was checking out how the base entrance work to determine if it was a one way. I determined this to be RDM in a sit as the victim did not commit any aggressive action and the sit was still active.
  5. Hello, I have seen a lot of people ask about the moonshiner role and how it works. This is a guide for people who are confused on what to do to start making some good moonshine. 1. Your first step to begin producing moonshine is to buy all the necessary components. This include a Distiller-Cooler-Condenser-Grinder(Grinder motor is recommended but optional) and barrels 2. Getting ingredients to make one barrel of mash you will need (2 yeast packages - 2 paper bags)- (2 sugar packages - 2 water coolers) 3. Making Mash - To make your mash you need to first combine the 2 yeast packages and 2 paper bags into a grinder (Only one of each can be in the grinder at a time) If you have the motor the process will automatically start, if you do not hold e on the grinder once the ingredients are added. Make two of these paper bags full of yeast and add both to one barrel. At this stage you can also add your sugar packages and water coolers to the same barrel. Once all ingredients are in the barrel pick it up with the gravity gun and shake furiously with your mouse. A blue nozzle should appear when you have properly mixed it. This represents your mash fermenting and once the blue nozzle disappears you can begin to make moonshine 4. Housekeeping - Before we begin the production of moonshine we have a few house keeping issues. You must add two pieces of wood to distillery. When this is done buy a jar pack and jar crate. Pick up the jar pack with the Grav. gun and repeatedly walk into the end of the distillery where the wooden table is. You can then place the jar crate at the end of the table on the floor in floating just DO NOT put it on the table. Once these procedures have been taken you can begin making moonshine. 5. Producing Moonshine - To begin production put your mash barrel in the distillery with the Gravity gun. It will begin to pour into the distillery. If you are facing the distillery on the right you will see a gauge that reads "Pressure" DO NOT let this reach over 70 but it is also advised to not let it get under 40. To control the pressure hold e on the "DEPRESSURIZE" line under the gauge. This will reduce the pressure. If the pressure get's too high the distillery will explode and you will lose any mash currently in the distillery. The jars will begin to fill up at the end of the distillery (Left side). Continue to restock the bottles with the process explained in step 4. Once you have 6 moonshine bottles you can click "Collect" on the moonshine crate that has the moonshine in it. If the moonshine is not in the crate, pick up the crate with your Gravity Gun and drag it through the full bottles. Once you have collected a satisfactory amount of crates you can begin selling. 6. Selling your Moonshine - Selling your moonshine can be one of the most confusing parts of distilling. To sell your moonshine you must first find a moonshine buyer. They can be found at the central fountains and scattered around the map in other areas. (Some moonshine buyers will give you more for each bottle.) To begin selling moonshine walk up to the moonshine buyer and equip the inventory item in your hotbar. Make sure NO-ONE you do not trust is around. Right click on the moonshine crates in your inventory and click drop. Drop all of your moonshine crates full of jars. All you have to do is press E on the Moonshine buyer and he will buy all crates in his radius. 7. Cleaning - If you bought upgrades for your condenser you need to clean those by pressing e on them after every cook. The barrels will also get dirty so make sure you spam e on the barrel until it appears as it did originally. CONGRATS, you have just made a large amount of money (Probably). You can always increase batch sizes as a normal distiller will hold two barrels of MASH
  6. Name: MildlyWツ Rank: Moderator Staff Team: DarkRP