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  1. +Support Reasons stated above ^^^
  2. -Support - Low Playtime - No effort put into application - Failure to follow word requirement's
  3. F1ghter

    Tag Request

    Name: F1ghter Rank: S-Mod Staff Team: PRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  4. Steam Name: F1ghter In-Game Name: F1ghter SteamID: STEAM_0:1:36956656 Discord: F1ghter#7477 Age: 16 Country: United States References: N/A Have you donated?:No. Time in game (!time in chat): 1 Week 1 day. - Did have more before time reset Do you own a working microphone?: Yes. When did you start playing Garry's Mod?: August 2014 What are your prior staff experiences in Garry's Mod?: NCBA Purge - Moderator CrixRP PoliceRP - Senior Moderator - Server shut down Garnet Gaming PoliceRP - Trial Moderator - Server shut down GamingLight SCPRP - Moderator - Resigned EliteAce PoliceRP - Administrator - Resigned Number of Warns: 0 Have you ever been banned on here before?: No. Have you ever been banned from any Garry's Mod community before?: Yes, It has been a while ago though. What Rank are you applying for?: Senior-Moderator Time Zone: CST Have you read the Staff Handbook?: Yes. What does being a Staff Member mean to you? (150+ words): Being a staff member to me means that you are a trusted member of the community that has taken on the responsibility to devote time to the community to ensure that everyone is following by the rules. Furthermore, staff members are seen as the face of the community, staff members are supposed to be impartial when it comes to conflicts and are supposed to remain calm, respectful, and helpful throughout the community. Members of the community often look up to staff members weather they require assistance or have a question, It's pivotal that staff members display a good attitude. Staff members are also tasked with the difficult job of administrating the server, Staff members must have good communication skills, they must have good knowledge of the rules and staff policies to minimize the chance of error while administrating. Staff members are required to answer questions, resolve conflicts between players, and are required to provide the correct punishment when a rule violation has occurred. Why do you want to become a Staff Member; what can you bring to the staff team? (150+ words): I want to become a staff member because I want to give back to the community because this community has allowed me to have fun and meet new people and I want to give back and help out. I can bring multiple things to the staff team, I have a lot of experience as staff on many servers, previously I was staff on EliteAce PoliceRP where I reached the rank of administrator. I bring commitment as well, When I was previously staff on EliteAce I was committed to ensuring that everyone had a good time and that reports were handled effectively and that the person that violated rules were educated on the rule. I also want to become a staff member because I have noticed that there is not much staff on and I want to be that staff member that is on and helping out the server to ease the load off of the staff that are on. To address any doubts about me starting at Senior-Moderator, I resigned not too long ago at the rank of administrator and I was also a staff mentor and I am very knowledgeable when it comes to staff-related duties. What is your ultimate goal in becoming a Staff Member?: My ultimate goal in becoming a staff member is to help out the community and provide support to the players of PoliceRP.
  5. -/+ Neutral - Effort put into application - Staff experience - Low playtime
  6. -Support - Failure to follow word requirement on both questions - Application lacks effort Good luck on your application!
  7. +Support - Active - Great application - Staff experience Good luck on your application! - Senior Moderator F1ghter
  8. F1ghter

    Ban Appeal

    I don't pull people in the middle of RP situations as it interrupts RP. Also I had a RDM sit right after the gunfight which caused the delay in response.
  9. F1ghter

    Ban Appeal

    -Support At the time the incident occurred I was cloaked and watched the whole situation unfold, Snookie was shooting at guapo and guapo was spamming the jump emote multiple times during a RP shootout, this is unrealistic and blatantly defies the definition of Roleplay.
  10. -Support Let me get this straight, I got a staff call for a LTARP from a cop so before bringing the officer that needed a sit to me, I decided to spectate him to see if he was in a RP situation that I didn't want to ruin. When I started spectating the officer, I noticed Autistic Pancake jump into the driver seat of the cop car and try to drive off. That's when I teleported Autistic Pancake to me and told him he cant steal government vehicles and I warned him. Rule C.45 "You may NOT steal government vehicles."
  11. -Support - Application is good - Good playtime - 9 Warnings & 1 Ban - Due to previous experiences, I don't believe past is staff material at this time Good luck on your application - Senior Moderator F1ghter
  12. +/- Neutral - Application looks good - 0 Warns & Bans - Prior staff experience - Playtime is low Good luck on the application! - Senior Moderator F1ghter
  13. +Support - Very active - 1 Warn and 0 Bans - Application looks great I believe with proper staff training and assistance, Jonothan will become a great staff member Good luck on the application! - Senior Moderator F1ghter
  14. +/- Neutral - Good playtime - Effort put into application - 13 Warns and 1 Ban - You should have read the handbook not "sorta" read it