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  1. + SUPPORT I was on when it happened. It was one single Terror, He adverted, There was no rule broken.
  2. Name: HunterXO Rank: Senior Moderator Staff Team: DarkRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  3. Timmy, I can give you the benefit of the doubt possibly, about not knowing you were going to be called into an admin sit. Because you were banned through your steam ID, you had disconnected after killing multiple people and before I could get to the tickets. I don't have screenshots of any logs as I was unaware if you were even going to return or appeal, this is a routine minge act. So I always make the decision to apply the LTAP ban. As I stated the first time I applied the general guideline punishment for the situation, Further action including an unban must be considered after the fact. And Therefore now that we are after the fact, I can say That if you understand why you were banned, and accept the punishment for what it was. I support an Unban. Again only under the acknowledgement of Responsibility is needed for me to support this! once again I have nothing personal against you, and I hope to see you soon!
  4. Hello Timmy! Thank you for reaching out I will clarify the situation, hoping to resolve it. You were reported as the Instigator in a series of rule breaking incidents. Before I could get to you, you disconnected, As per Moderation Handbook this is considered "Leaving to Avoid Punishment, or LTAP for short" This is a rule taken very seriously as it can cause an increase in confusion for moderators/administrators attempting to keep the RolePlay experience within the servers guidelines. I have nothing personally against you. I hope to see you again! But I have to evenly enforce punishment to keep a fair and just server.
  5. Name: HunterXO Rank: Trial Mod Staff Team: DarkRP Screenshot of discord rank (with your name):
  6. EKBOK SERI EK FOR LIFE No but on a serious note, The Ultimate Gamepass is the best value in Gaming. So Microsoft wins for me. Plus Elder Scrolls 6 Xbox Exclusive GANG
  7. + Support Good Roleplayer, Active donator and he knows what he did wrong. I Am in support of Unban.
  8. Seems as though this was a specific situation. Tweatch has given a lot of information regarding the situation. I do believe your apology to be sincere and therefore I am am supportive of you, as Tweatch said I hope to see you soon!