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  1. Yes as the elmo isn't rp sense unless Christian approved it @Christian
  2. its require an extra $10 to use meth on your custom CC Also you will need to pay extra to add a Non RP model and has to be approved by the owners
  3. Model will be set to theif at this time so your class is in
  4. Min gun is not allowed choose a different weapon Choose a model from. The steam store that model is used by another custom class Your mvp doesn't count towards any of your custom class
  5. You need a model from the steam store like come on
  6. I've actually implemented a fix on this matter but I have to get it approved but Jax also staff reports don't necessarily apply towards me per say its a real Grey area and yes event team can pickup cars spawn in stuff etc fly around while the event team lead is a position its not an administrative position which so yea the main reason is we have to set you then unset you as that rank as for administrative its annoying and if you have the event team role you won't be able to access car dealer or mvp which im not adding it the configuration as thats a shit ton of files I gotta do so yea... no (its like having youtubers having superadmin) Also im making it to where you can still have MVP rights then have a secondary group as event team so that way people don't think your administrative staff and you dont show up as mvp But again I have to get approvals by smt. Hence Jax and owner signing off (it takes time) To touch point on the "past yuki" situation yes he rdm in a sit it was handed by me as he did it in my sit and I used the permission to handle that situation and did my duties somethings could just be resolved by just talking shit out
  7. Hello will you need to choose a different model as that model is for another custom class so you can find one from the steam workshop under 4mb
  8. just so you know you cant have 200 hp but ill convert it over to armor and ill provide the thief player model as er our discussion ares strike will be added in place of the minigun since you cant have it i cant give you yu the mini
  9. Steam Name: In-Game Name: SteamID: Discord: Age: Country: When did you start playing Garry's Mod?: What are your prior staff experiences in Garry's Mod?: Number of Warns: Have you ever been banned on here before?: Have you ever been banned from any Garry's Mod community before?: Time Zone: What does being a Staff director mean to you? (150+ words): Why do you want to become a Staff Director; what can you bring to the position?(150+ words): What is your ultimate goal in becoming a Director?: Why should we choose you over others? References: You need a smt member to endorse you who is it?
  10. +/- support Honestly man the way you contact smt is a little extreme and spamming thr community manager and other set you don't follow the chain of command my guy Id honestly like to see you improve your communication @Jax, Horseman of death[EA] could elaborate further when he's back from loa