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  2. -/+ rep This picture in my opinion are clearly on sided. Like sugah and other people said, there is no context behind the conversation so its just looks like sugah is talking to himself. I also dont agree with sugah talking to phoenix like that and should just talk it out
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  4. Tullemac, I understand where you're coming from in this response but you need to realize that your dislike of my "expression" doesn't mean a rule was broken. Saying mean things to someone who initiated a conversation with me first isn't harassment. Like I said before, had I been pulled to a sit and they said "Please stop talking to Phoenix, anything further will be counted as harassment." I would have stopped talking to him at all. He didn't call a sit and instead chose to crop out his portion of the conversation and insinuate it was only me talking to him. Also, to say I "broke rule A7: 'Arguing in OOC is not permitted.' and admitted to it" is simply untrue. The staff member that was there and saying we were arguing would have warned me for it as he/she (I am unsure of their gender as it is ambiguous) was the one who thought it was arguing in the first place. You can be told to stop arguing in OOC then if you continue you receive a warn, which I did not receive. I do thank you for your response though. :)
  5. This is you hoping i would cry lmao
  6. +/- Support In the evidence from Phoneix we can see aggressive texts and messages that could be perceived as degrading and I clearly believe that this is very unnecessary from Sugah. I know people can get upset at sometimes for different reasons but that does not give you permission to say stuff like this. It doesn't matter whether It's Phoenix or someone else. Either way I don't like the way Sugah expressed themselves but I still agree that there is quite a lack of evidence about the whole argument. @Sugah I get what you are saying and I understand that you don't believe you harassed Phoenix. Harassing is a pretty big thing and it has to take quite some bit to be counted as harassment. Either way you broke rule A7: "Arguing in OOC is not permitted." and admitted to it. I would also like to point out that what @MrDream is saying is totally meaningless and does not have anything to do with this situation. I am very questioned in this scenario and would like someone else to take this report, Thanks. Sincerely, Deputy Chief Operating Director, Tullemac
  7. 1. I'd like for you to show all sides of the chat and who started what before anyone decides anything. Keeping pertinent information from staff while making a report and doctoring photos to make something one-sided isn't what a person with the Senior-Moderator rank should be doing. 2. The screenshots are from a single conversation which, according to the rules, would not count as harassment. It has to be continued and constant to be harassment. Having one rude conversation isn't breaking any rule. If I were, say, standing outside your base or messaging you calling you names after you and/or another staff had told me to stop that WOULD count as harassment and I would fully accept a warn for it. 3. I would like to point out a few of these pieces of "evidence" are clearly me talking to someone else, NOT Phoenix. I will refer to them by their first 3 letters/number in the link provided by Phoenix. Picture 1ae- You see me saying the phrase "What a fucking nerd". There is no other conversation in this screenshot to provide context or indicate I am talking to or about Phoenix. Picture 81e- In this screenshot I tell an Admin to "shut the fuck up..." in response to him stating we are arguing. While you may think it was rude of me, this is clearly not directed toward Phoenix and I have no clue why he added it because it isn't relevant to his report. Picture 33e- This picture, in my opinion, couldn't be counted as harassment either way. I was stating that Phoenix starts and/or interjects himself into conversations then cry's when people tell him he has no place in their conversation and to be quiet. When I say things such as "shut the fuck up no one cares what you think", although it is mean it's not against the rules to tell someone to stop butting in to your chat. In whole, this report is more about my personality. While I admit, I can be rude and maybe a little too straightforward, not sparing anyone's feelings, I have not broken any server rules according to these pieces of evidence shown against me. Thank you for your time in reading my response.
  8. - Support Okay... With my time on Garry's Mod I have realized Phoenix is the person who starts the most toxicity but then goes and cries about it. Reason to this with all due and respect, is the fact that just the other day everyone was having a nice normal day and out of no where he asked "whos the bloods leader" then someone proceeds to tell him and he has the audacity to say " I'm sorry for you guys and leader " Then proceeds to sit there and expect nothing to happen. I feel as if this kid has so much anger built up due to something personal in the past, sadly he has admitted to me about it just don't want the problem to affect other people? But every encounter i have had with this kid its always negative. I don't appreciate the fact that he wants to sit here and act like a good guy when he is most definitely the person to start his arguments just cant ever finish them so he gets really butt hurt and has to go cry about it. I hope this comes across something because out of all of this i think the issue is him and no one else yeah words may be exchange but they are exchanged for a reason and especially because of Sugah we all know Sugahs the nicest one but he will sure also let you know if he doesn't like you or not so how bout you leave him alone because what you did here was just digging yourself a deeper hole. Sincerely Dream
  9. +/- Support As much as I like and respect Sugah, there is clear evidence of him harassing Phoenix, however, there is a lack of evidence depicting when this started and how this started, so I could be wrong here and perhaps phoenix said something rude to Sugah to begin the argument and is reporting him now. I will wait for other responses and more evidence.
  10. -rep With the evidence, you provided you took photos of you two fighting in occ. The photo does not show who started and or you never told use in your summary how it starts and you delete or crop out some of your responses back to him. Then In my consolation, it is staff disrecpt he expressing his opinion about you and how he does not care about what you are talking about. Staff disrecpt Is allowed.
  11. +1 With evidence that was provided to the case, shows a clear understanding that Sugah has been quite rude to Phoenix here. Although, if Sugah decides to respond back to this opinion may change depending on his defense. Snake | Trial Moderator | Captain Reynolds NYPD
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  13. Approved As you can see this staff member is completely in the wrong and that he will be dealt with in the most professional manner.
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  15. I will let Callum decide what will happen
  16. I can not say for certain whether rudy would or would not of made a report i did tell him i was gonna warn the guy infront of him
  17. I honestly Don't know that was very dumb on my part i should of left you guys to handle it
  18. There were 2 staff online at the time so I dont understand why you should be taking the sit
  19. but he didnt though no sit came through so you took your own sit
  20. I do deny taking my own sit part because if anyone was going to make a Sit it would be rudy because he left withuot giving rudy the money
  21. I was being very dumb on my part
  22. I was on the judge job i will admit i did warn him off duty im not gonna argue that But we were in a court case and i ruled that That Person is to owe i think rudy like 15k or something and he said "fuck the server, i aint paying" and left so i just warned him. I'll admit i should of just reported to someone on if you want to strike me strike me im not gonna deny i did it. The guy LTARP i should of let the staff members on duty handle it
  23. Hello past and others, was he on a CC? although we prefer others to take sits on duty he *can* take sits off duty. I will not be taking this report as he is a member of the Scythe mafia, to avoid bias. Signed, Jax, CEO EliteAce
  24. @Phoenix Whats Your Side Of The Story
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